Logo Fondazione Paolini

The Giulio and Anna Paolini Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster research, exhibitions and any other activities suited to promoting the community-wide dissemination of artistic knowledge.
In particular, it curates the archive, study and mediation of the artistic works made by Giulio Paolini.
At the behest of its co-founders, Giulio and Anna Paolini, the Foundation's future site, specifically designed by them for the very purpose, will be a house museum, and therefore permanently host
the artist's works belonging to the Foundation.
As the Foundation currently does not have spaces open to the public, it accomplishes its mission via
its publishing activities and other initiatives aiming to further the knowledge of Giulio Paolini's work
(cf. the first page in the "Foundation" section, and the page headed "Foundation / Publications").