Senza titolo (dalla serie dei “Disegni”), 1964


Untitled (from the Series “Disegni”)

Sheet of drawing paper with autograph inscription, crumpled sheet of foolscap paper

Signed and dated on the sheet of drawing paper, on the recto, at the upper left: “Giulio Paolini 1964”

Present whereabouts unknown

The display case should be set up on an opaque white plinth (about 80 x 80 x 50 cm or in any case slightly larger than the display case), or, in a domestic situation, on a table or other horizontal support surface. The display case must be as follows: height 20 cm, variable width and length depending on the size of the sheet of drawing paper, however enough to leave at least 5 cm leeway on each of the four sides.
The sheet should be arranged on the bottom of the display case so that it is slightly askew and in an open position (the signed side should be considered the recto).
The fold in the sheet must remain clearly visible – possibly just slightly lifting the upper half of the sheet – to avoid a flattening effect. The crumpled sheet should be placed freely on the sheet of drawing paper (i.e. not exactly in the middle).

Entry by Ilaria Bernardi e Maddalena Disch, 10/08/2022