Tempera and ink on canvas

33 x 30 cm

Signed and dated on the verso, at the right of the lower stretcher bar: “Giulio Paolini / 1960”

La Gaia Collection, Busca (Cuneo)

Just within the edges of a canvas painted with white tempera a thin line in black ink outlines a square, on which a layer of reddish tempera allows the grain of the canvas to show through.

1984 Villeurbanne, Le Nouveau Musée, Giulio Paolini, 20 January - 18 March, not repr.
1985-86 Montreal, Musée d’art contemporain, Giulio Paolini, 7 July - 8 September, touring to: Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery, 29 November 1985 - 19 January 1986, same catalogue as for the solo exhibition in Villeurbanne 1984.
1986 Charleroi, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Giulio Paolini, 15 February - 30 March, same catalogue as for the solo exhibition in Villeurbanne 1984.
2004 Busca (Cuneo), La Gaia Collection, Collezione La Gaia, from 7 June, no catalogue.
Giulio Paolini 1960-1972, edited by G. Celant (Milan: Fondazione Prada, 2003), repr. p. 148 (installation view of the work in the artist’s studio).
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Entry by Maddalena Disch, 10/08/2022