Two photo prints mounted between shaped plexiglas sheets, colour photo print, plexiglas sheet, steel cable

Hanging part 210 x 190 cm, photo print on floor 91.5 x 91.5 cm

Private collection, Buenos Aires

A winged figure made up of a photographic collage with pieces from the reproductions of works by Antonio Canova – mounted between two plexiglas shapes hanging down from the ceiling on a steel cable – wavers in mid-air in an upside-down position. Lying on the ground instead is a colour photograph of a cloudy sky, held down by a plexiglas sheet, emphasizing the fact that the elements at play are inverted.
The title alludes to the condition of an unstable form, suspended in the air, and at the same time to the eponymous musical tune.
The tension between the Earth and the sky and the motif representing the fall include the work in a thematic area that is a distinctive feature of the artist's production from 1982 to 1984 (cf. by way of example
La caduta di Icaro, 1982, GPO-0464] Place des Martyrs, 1983, GPO-0488, and L’idolo, 1983-84, GPO-0515).
The same subject was developed in three other variants, made between 1983 (GPO-0528, GPO-0529) and 1988 (GPO-0626).

Figure: Antonio Canova, Genio funebre from the Sepolcro di Clemente XIII, 1787-92, marble, 820 x 630 x 254 cm, Basilica di San Pietro, Rome; reproduction from L’opera completa di Canova. Classici dell’arte 213 (Milan: Rizzoli, 1976), plate XI.
Wings: Antonio Canova, Genius on the right of the
Cenotafio degli Stuart, 1817-19, marble, 560 x 280 x 140 cm, Basilica di San Pietro, Rome; reproduction from L’opera completa di Canova. Classici dell’arte 213 (Milan: Rizzoli, 1976), plates LVIII and LIX.

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Entry by Maddalena Disch , 29/03/2023